I’m interested in needs-driven healthcare technology innovation. I’ve married my background in scientific computing, modeling, and machine learning with multidisciplinary efforts in entrepreneurship and medicine to lead groups at the Mount Sinai Health System in clinical device innovation (Sinai BioDesign) and artificial intelligence (AISINAI).

I serve as the Director of Sinai BioDesign where we implement a needs-driven approach to technology innovation within the Mount Sinai Health System. We focus on early-stage medical device and software development, working directly with physicains and researchers to turn their needs and ideas into commercially-viable inventions. While our home is the Department of Neurosurgery, we work system-wide on a large portfolio of medical technologies. Importantly, we support the culture of innovation at Mount Sinai with the graduate and medical schools through biodesign fellowships, curricula, and student mentorship.

I also serve as Co-Director at AISINAI, a research group made up of faculty, physicians, trainees, and students, dedicated to improving medicine through advancements in machine intelligence. I am privileged to work with Co-Director Eric K. Oermann, who has now moved to NYU Langone, and our entire team as we strive to:

  • Understand the basis of intelligence – both artificial and human,
  • Make healthcare safer, smarter, and more efficient, and
  • To advance artificial intelligence research.

Through the program, we train physician software engineers (MD-SWEs) to tackle the hardest problems at the intersection of mathematics, neuroscience, and medicine using the armament of modern machine learning tools.

Curriculum Vitae

You can download my reasonably up to date CV here. I generally try not maintain duplicate copies of publications, patents, or other activities in other places/formats, so you won’t see those listed here. Please refer to my CV for this information. My Google Scholar profile is also a good source of up to date publication information. Occasionally I’m active on Twitter, a link to which is available in the footer of this website and here.