If you’re familiar with me, it’s probably not because of my website. It was pretty terrible. I built it almost a decade ago while I was still a graduate student as not much more than a publicly-facing CV; quickly though, as my career advanced, I found it daunting to keep my record of academic work up to date on every platform that was expected. My website was at the absolute bottom of the list, and so never got updated. A website is a great place to actually talk about what you are doing, and so I have been meaning to figure out what to do with it.

I’ve been here in Taiwan on a mini-sabbatical trip working with MeDA Lab, especially our joint students and collaborations with AISINAI, which has afforded me some time to rethink my public presence. So I’m re-launching my website with a mostly blog-like format and a simple about me page that links to the various places you can get information about me, including my up to date CV.

While this won’t solve the problem of the overwhelming manual annotation of one’s academic output, it cuts it down a bit, and provides a platform I will use to post to Twitter and LinkedIn. I hope to use this to spend some time discussing recent developments at Sinai BioDesign and AISINAI, and maybe document some fun side projects along the way. Also props to fastpages, which makes this ridiculously easy. I’m looking forward to blogging using Jupyter notebooks.

Cheers, Anthony